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Wireless solutions

With years of experience in designing and developing automotive, telecom and medical products employing wireless communication technologies; we help our clients through every phase of product life cycle of a wireless embedded system.

Scionova has the capacity and experience to run the whole project independently and can also post experts at client site.

Our experts are currently involved in different projects that make use of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular and Car-to-Car communication technologies.


Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) is an emerging technology enabling vehicles and surrounding infrastructure to exchange information about the location, speed and direction of other road users using this technology. While still under development, C-ITS, is expected to significantly improve road safety, reduce congestion and improve fuel consumption.

Scionova has a team of research engineers with deep understanding of wireless system protocols, radio propagation models and Physical & Medium access layers.

Combined with years of automotive experience; Scionova is helping clients to successfully develop and deploy Vehicular ad-hoc networks.


Smartphone has taken a central role in life, and so it has become more important than ever for In Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems to provide same “always connected” experience as smartphones and keep IVT system up to date with current trending technologies. This has pushed infotainment area to go through a major transformation.

Until now Bluetooth was the widely used wireless technology in IVI systems. But now Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE technology is also being introduced in IVT systems to enable that ultimate user experience. Recent developments where smartphones can mirror displays into IVI system, further enhances the integration of smartphone into IVI systems.

With all these cutting edge technologies developing at breathtaking momentum; OEMs and Tier2 suppliers are facing a challenge to keep up with recent technology trends and still strike balance of good usability and safety on road.

Automotive world is in desperate need of companies and competences that have wireless expertise, more than they ever did before.

Scionova has many years of experience in designing and developing wireless embedded systems for mobile, automotive and telecom clients.

And, Scionova is helping automotive OEM’s and Tier2 suppliers in all phases of product development cycle to design and develop world class IVT systems.