“Deep technical knowledge”

We at Scionova are always interested to hear from talented engineers.

If you are looking for new challenges and have worked with wireless product development with years of experience backing you up; Scionova can certainly offer you a workplace where you will work with a talented and likely minded team.

Motivated and skilled employees are our assets. And so, our goal is to always provide assignments where you will work on cutting edge technologies and can sharpen/develop skills to reach career goals.

Our client portfolio includes global technology leaders and small innovative product companies alike.

We like our consultants to be dedicated and develop world-class products for our clients. While doing so, we expect that they act professionally and are flexible to assume new responsibilities and are not afraid to take initiatives and lead.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in becoming a part of a talented team or, want to know more about the company.


Team leader

Describe your role

I work at a customer site as a team leader for a group whose goal is to create good wireless integration of smartphones in cars. My team is responsible for all stages of the chain from the first sketch to final verification, making the learning experience and creates a good overall picture for all stages of product development.

What fits you this role best

After about 10 years working as a developer and technical expert in wireless technology, I felt I wanted to try a new role. My current assignment suits me perfect and it’s an interesting mix of technology and project management. My background from the wireless and mobile industry is also of great value now when we are working for mobile solutions to work in a more traditional automotive industry.

What is the best thing about Work at Scionova

At Scionova you are a person, not a resource. Everyone knows everyone in the company and knows what their colleagues are working with and are good at. We also work with very interesting technologies that give me coveted skills on the market which are good for your career.


Describe your Role

I work as a developer at customer site in a team responsible for features enabling the car to connect to internet (including Bluetooth and WiFi).

What fits you this role best

As a relative fresh engineer (I took my M.Sc. summer 2015) my existing role suits me very well, it gives me the opportunity to use and develop the latest technology regarding platforms and techniques within the infotainment systems.

Best thing to work at Scionova

Since Scionova is a smaller company compared to the larger consultant firms you feel like a great deal of the company and that they really see you. You get a close connection with all your colleagues in a way that is not possible in larger companies. As an employee at Scionova you get great possibilities to influence which assignment you will work with, which means that you most likely will work with developing and rewarding projects within interesting areas.

Vacant positions

“Scionova is seeking”

Scionova is constantly looking for talented people, please go to the Swedish site to find available positions.